On this blog I will mostly post things that I have seen on the internet and really liked (and saved). I will reblog when I see a post that I really enjoy. I will also post about my life sometimes, mostly my fitness goals. :}
Nothing on this blog was made by me unless it's a photo of me (or my family), or I say it was made by me.
Also, just so everyone is aware, I do not see a photo I like on Tumblr, save it, and then post it myself soon after. Most of the photos I have saved have been on my computer for a long time.
As I said, I reblog when I really enjoy something. I NEVER look at tags, and I follow a very small amount of people. Most of the people I follow are friends who mostly write texts too.
I do not have the time to find the source to all of the photos I have saved in the past 2 years.
If you want to find the source yourself, you can reverse image search on Google.
If you see a photo of yours on here and you want it sourced or removed, just ask me and I will. :}